Vistas Autumn 2018

VOLUNTEER VISTAS Autumn 2018 Hugh Michael Brown, Volunteer Vistas Editor From an Untitled series of Thirty-six Immortal Poets, ca. 1767-68 (Sanjurokkasen) Suzuki Harunobu (Japanese, 1725-1770) Signed: Harunobu Woodblock print, colors Chuban Newark Museum Purchase 1909 George T. Rockwell Collection 9.1407 The beauty portrayed here wears an uchikake over-kimono of fashionable brown decorated below the waist with a vertical design of yellow gold with silver mirrors of various shapes— discs, hexagons and parallelograms accented with white to create the illusion of re ection. Her garments are tied with a green obi belt with a dot-pattern typical of shibori tye-dying. I was in attendance when Katherine Anne Paul, Curator, Arts of Asia, previewed Kimono Refashioned to the NMVO Board. We were enthralled by the images she showed and by the enthusiam with which she described the exhibit. So, I was inspired to give the exhibit premium focus in this issue of Volunteer Vistas . KIMONO REFASHIONED BREAK DOWN: Section 1: Late 1800s oil paintings by William Merritt Chase and Jacques-Joseph James Tissot. Section 2 : Japonism in fashion from the late 19th century to the 1920s. Section 3 : Contemporary fashion and its use of kimono's atness and silhouette, along with cutting edge Japanese technologies—contemporary and historic—that were employed for weaving, dyeing and decorating textiles. Section 4 : How Japan continues to inspire the fashion world through popular design, including manga and anime.  ...WILL CHANGE THE WAY YOU SEE GLOBAL FASHION — Footwear News KIMONO REFASHIONED S i x -Pane l Fo l d i ng Sc r een wi t h Ca l l i gr aphy Ra i Sanyo ( 1780 - 1832 ) S i gned Sanyo Ga i sh i Japan , Edo Pe r i od ( 1615 - 1868 ) I nk on pape r, go l d , c l o t h ,wood Newa r k Museum Pu r chase 1983 Spec i a l Japanese Fund 83 . 41 Translation: Fair winds and smoke rising from cooking res in the eastern part of the capital please this guest. For the past few years the acacia blossoms have made him forget dif culties. The fresh water bubbles clean and iridescent in the Kamo River. The purple sunset embraces humpbacked mountains. The geta shoes I wear in the evening have absorbed the fragrance of the owers. Many of my spring clothes are stained with wine. I regret there is no admirer of my talents in this wine shop, who will write a farewell poem sympathizing with my unrecognized ability. .