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School & Teacher 2014-2015 online catalogue

See General Information for news on school programs.

Registration options (select one of the following):

1. Call 973.596.6690

2. Fill-Out, Save and E-mail Registration Form (PDF)

Hearing impaired can call: 711 (TTY)

Please note:

If there is a reduction in the reserved number of students within 15 days of a scheduled visit, no refunds will be given under $50.  If a reduction in students results in a refund of $50 or more a refund will be offered.

Also, a $30 booking and processing fee will be added to each reservation (except for Newark PublicSchools).



NEW addition to Ballantine House Tours
(Grades 2 through 12)


Ward AlbumnWashington Park and the James Street Commons
Historic District Neighborhood

Students can visit the Newark Museum and discover the story of revival and the recommitment to America’s Third Oldest City. The history of “Washington Park and the James Street Commons Historic District Neighborhood” from the perspective of the properties and people who lived in this neighborhood in the past and through the eyes of the neighborhood’s current residents. This two-fold Exhibit consist of a multi-media presentation in the Ballantine House Orientation Gallery and historical information panels on the footprint of the pre-Civil War era Polhemus House located in the new Horizon Plaza.


For more information: call 973.596.6690 
or send an email
 to schoolgroupreservations@NewarkMuseum.org 


Special Event
Mayfest: Special Days for Special Needs Classes at the Museum
Tuesdays, May 5 & 19, 2015
9:30 am–12:30 pm
(Grades K through 12)
Special needs classes are invited to join us for gallery tours and activities designed for your students' learning needs.  Register now by calling the Manager of School and Teacher Programs at 973.596.6560, or send an e-mail
to  schoolgroupreservations@newarkmuseum.org.
Be sure to put "Mayfest 2015" in the subject line.

Featured Exhibitions
Guided and self-guided tours of these special exhibitions are available for school groups.

Great Balls of Fire 
October 1, 2014-January 4, 2015

Korea: Land of the Diamond Mountains

through January 25, 2015

emPOWERED: Your Renewable Energy Future

Generation Fit: Steps to a Healthier Lifestyle

Arts and Humanities 


+ African Adventure (Grades Pre-K–2)

+ ArtSmart (Grades Pre-K–2)

+ Asian Adventure (Grades Pre-K–2)

+ Ballantine House: Family Life in the Gilded Age (Grades 9–12)

+ The Ballantine House Mystery: "Who Done It?" (Grades 3–5)

+ Building Bridges: Exploring Communities around the World (Grades 3–5)

+ Civil War @ 150 (Grades 4–8 and 9–12)

+ Early America (Grades 3–5)

+ Energy Explorations (Grades 4–8)

+ Every Picture Tells a Story

+ Express Yourself: Exploring the World through Art (Grades 3–12)

+ Fire Safety & Prevention (Grades 3–8)

+ My Community: Discovering What Makes a Community (Grades Pre-K–2)

+ Mysteries & Myths of the Ancient World (Grades 3–5)

+ Native American Adventure
 (Grades Pre-K–2)

+ Native American Journey: Eastern Woodlands, Plains & the South West
(Grades 3–5)

+ On a Wing (Grades Pre-K–2)

+ Safari Trip (Grades Pre-K–2)

+ Transportation (Grades Pre-K–2)

+ Water, Water Everywhere (Grades 3–8)

+ Western Expansion (Grades 6–12)


+ One World, One Sky

+ Magic Sky

+ The Little Star That Could

+ Secret of the Cardboard Rocket

+ The Zula Patrol—Under the Weather

+ The Zula Patrol 2—Down to Earth

+ SkyQuest

+ Earth, Moon and Sun

+ Legends of the Night Sky–Orion

+ Constellations Tonight

+ Force 5

+ Oceans in Space

+ Tales of the Maya Skies

+ Origins of Life

+ Extreme Planets

+ Black Holes

+ Seven Wonders

+ Stars of the Pharaohs

+ Heart of the Sun

+ The Moon

+ Fire Fall

+ Legends of the Night Sky


+ Animal Behavior

+ Backyard Bug Safari

+ Brain Game

+ Chemistry: Properties of Matter

+ Creepy Crawlers

 Energy Explorations

+ Custom-Made Molecules

+ Decoding the Genetic Code

+ Dinosaur Detectives

+ Dynamic Earth: Gallery Tour

+ Forensic Science

+ Fossils Tell a Tale

+ Future Solutions and Future Problems

+ Generation Fit: Exhibit Tour

+ Generation Fit: Nutrition Toolkit

+ Geology Rocks!

+ How Fossils Form

+ Microbes and the Immune System

+ Trashed—Earth's Limited Natural Resources

+ What's in Our Water

Outreach Programs and Resources

In-School Visits


+ Every Picture Tells a Story (Grades 3–12)


+ SKYLAB: A Portable Planetarium (Grades Pre-K–12)


+ Brain Game (Grades 4–8)

+ Chemistry: Properties of Matter (Grades 4–8)

+ Creepy Crawlers (Grades K–5)

+ Energy Explorations (Grades 4–8)

Virtual Fieldtrips



+ Dynamic Earth: Revealing Nature's Science Secrets

+ Generation Fit: Steps to a Healthier Lifestyle

Social Studies, Language Arts Literacy, Visual Arts

+ American History through Artists' Eyes

+ Ballantine House: Family Life in the Gilded Age

+ Express Yourself: Tibetan Art

+ Express Yourself: African Art

+ Express Yourself: Native American Art

+ Mysteries & Myths of Ancient Egypt, Greece & Rome

On-line Resources: iTunesU
The Museum has podcasts on iTunesU – digital images and audio. To access these resources for teaching, you need to download the iTunesU setup (it’s free). Go to “iTunes store” and look for “iTunesU” and then click on “Beyond Campus” under “Education Providers.” You will find the Museum’s podcasts under “New Jersey’s Newark Museum.” They are all free-of-charge.

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