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As part of its year-long Centennial celebration, the Newark Museum has commissioned the award-winning, Newark-based filmmakers Marylou Tibaldo-Bongiorno and Jerome Bongiorno to create a film about Newark. This six-minute production is an homage to the 1920 film, Manhatta, by Paul Strand and Charles Sheeler.

Like Manhatta, which traces a day in the life of early twentieth-century Manhattan from dawn until dusk, the Bongiornos’ short film, entitled New Work, is a snapshot of the elegance, the beauty and the hidden treasures of present-day Newark. The film captures the life of the city’s streets, the magnificence of its historic architecture, and the bustling energy of its port and transit hubs.

Shot in black-and-white and filmed in 3D, the film—presented as a large-scale projection in the darkened space of the Museum’s South gallery—is a moving and immersive experience that provides visitors with a feeling of actually being in the places depicted. Many areas documented in the film, like Military Park or the grand Cathedral Basilica of the Sacred Heart, may be familiar, but the unusual vantage points and camera angles employed provide a new experience of these landmarks. The Bongiornos have also highlighted “hidden gems” within the city, sites that many visitors and even residents may not know exist.


Join in the experience of New Work: Newark in 3D. You are invited to share your own great photos of Newark by uploading them on the Museum’s Flickr group site – www.flickr.com/groups/Newark-in-3D.

The presentation of New Work is funded by contributions from:

Newark Museum Business and Community Council, Newark Museum Volunteer Organization, and the Friends of American Art.

Additional support provided by Sony Electronics, Inc., Broadcast and Production Systems Division and other contributors.




Banner (left to right):
1180 Raymond and Newark Port, from New Work, 2009.  Courtesy of and © Bongiorno Productions Inc.


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